Submitted by IanB - Admin on September 23, 2016 - 3:29pm

"Hi Coach, sorry for being late." I said breathless as I sprinted downthe hill and into the session. 

As a member of the 1982/3 Dominica under 19 football team, this had become a practice of mine. I would rush from school and stop at the top of the Winsor Park and watch the team in the hot 2 p m sun working through the drills that Coach Vivian Rene was putting them through. I would stop for a few more minutes and then run down the hill pretending that I was late and now rushing in.  

I was just lazy and wanted to do as little as possible. You could never have convinced me of that then. "Why did we have to work so hard?' I thought. The answer came against a well prepared BARBADOS Team. Click here to understand the key lessons I learnt that will transform your life and Business. 

What is one area of your life in which have just settled? An area you know you are better at or can do better in. ...Where you've become lazy and unwilling to push yourself. 

Stop it now, as you become an Enemy of Average! 

Let me be your coach this week.