The Deafening Silence

Submitted by IanB Technical ... on February 5, 2016 - 8:59am

John Bradden raced down the steps, through the kitchen and in what seemed like one motion, slammed and locked the door behind him.  He jumped into the driver’s seat of his white Toyota corolla, key in the ignition and was off. The clock in the car was correct, it was indeed 7;45am. He must be at work for 8:30, his boss Sue was clear, no one is allowed into her meetings past 8:30.

With 45 minutes to go, this was a problem. “Dad, what were you doing?” He heard his twelve year old daughter Jade express from the back seat. “Only he knows” was the clearly irritated reply from his wife Nancy, clearly upset in the front seat.

Jade had to be at school for 8:15, Nancy had to be at work for 8:30 and they were both at least fifteen to twenty minutes away from Solvent Solutions, where John worked.

He raced out of the gap, hoping by some miracle that most people were either late, already at work, or just weren’t going in today. He was wrong; there was traffic in both directions, and as he sat trying to inch his way into the traffic, no one seem willing to allow him in.

Nancy looked straight ahead as he found a space into the traffic on Scotts street.  Clearly upset, she seemed engrossed in her own thoughts.  The silence though was deafening.  The traffic was crawling. John approached Dover Street and was staying as close to the red Nissan pathfinder ahead of him. He was not about to let anyone in, which would make it worse than it already was.

John looked across and wondered, what was Nancy thinking? She hates being late and today was no exception. Nancy eyes were fixed ahead, her hair hung neatly just below her ears. A new look, since she cut her hair that weekend.

Should I say something?

Should I seek to explain?

John decided it was best not to and kept looking intently ahead. The silence only broken by the sound of Jade’s tablet Minecraft music from the back seat.