A Mother's Skill for Building a Business

Submitted by IanB - Admin on August 8, 2016 - 10:40am

An ancient tale is told of two mountain tribes. One lived in the lower regions and the other lived high in the mountains. The higher mountaineers kidnapped a child from the lower regions and disappeared to their village in the mountains. The tribe assembled their bravest and strongest men and dispatched the group to find the child. After days of searching they could not find the route up the mountains and were about to pack up and return to the village, when they saw the child's mother coming down the mountain with the child on her back. They were puzzled, and wondered how she found the path and her child; they asked her "how did you do it?" She replied, "It was not your child." 
This story speaks to the nurturing ability of a mother. A mother will do whatever is required to nurture her child. 
When your goals and business are important you nurture them like a mother. 
The dictionary defines NURTURE as follows:
verb -  to care for and encourage the growth or development of.
noun - the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.

When you think of your goals and business, are they important enough to you that you're nurturing them like a mother? Think past the business to the value and benefit that the business provides for the people you serve.

Do you have systematic process for encouraging and caring for their growth and development?

A Mother creates eating and sleeping routines, ensures that her child’s environment is conducive for its growth and development. She ensures that the people who have the potential to affect her child are screened to ensure they do not adversely affect the growth and development process. To nurture is to care for and you therefore cannot nurture anything or anyone that you think is Easily Dispensable. 

Here are 5 QUESTIONS to ask yourself as you consider the importance of your relationships, goals or business; and as you gauge your nurturing abilities:

  1. Is this person, goal or business important enough to me?    
  2. Is it occupying my thoughts sufficiently and am I giving it the time it requires?
  3. Am I creating the type of environment that will ensure its growth & development?
  4. Am I being careful about screening the people who can affect its progress?
  5. Am I continually reviewing and tracking the progress of its growth & development?

If you find that in spite of what you tell yourself of how important the person, goal or business is to you, that your average rating (on a scale of 1 to 5 for each question above) is below 15 then there is a serious need for review. 

Check to ensure that the person, goal or business is something or someone you really want or be a part of or be an essential part of your life. 
The reason ‘WHY’ we engage in any relationship or activity is critical to our ability to consistently pursue it. 

You will not continually nurture something or someone that you do not value or consider important. 

Be like a mother and nurture the people, goals and business’ interest you've decided to pursue. For it is in so doing, you reap the rewards of continuous growth, development and the ultimate well-being of the people goals and business you care about. 

In part 2, we look at how we track the growth and progress of the people, goals & businesses, we nurture. 
                                                                                                                     .....Coach IanB