Business / Executive
Coach & Mentor

IanB is an experienced Executive and Business Coach and has mentored hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs through both public and private programs. He has worked with several executives and other high-performance individuals, helping them to improve their performance and effectiveness.

Ian is committed to delivering measurable results for those he works with. Spectacular and life changing results is what he helps his clients achieve—anything short of that is unacceptable to him. He takes his commitments and relationships very seriously and because of this he also expects a serious commitment, of effort and investment, from the clients as well.


Hidden Emotions

Ian has written several articles and blogs and his first book, Hidden Emotions, is his contribution to the discussion of the hidden emotions that men hide deep within their hearts, therefore impacting their relationships with the key persons in their lives.

“For generations, Caribbean men (or maybe men everywhere) have struggled with the concept of manhood and love. The range of answers on what a man should stand for or how men should behave and deal with specific issues are far and wide. How men should express the many emotions that swirl within is an issue that we must think through and address.
Ian believes that “It is time for us as men to Step Up and Speak Up. It's time for men to express what lies inside to those that matter most.”

The book exposes Ian’s emotions as expressed to his partner, friend and lover; Anne-Marie and he hopes it will be impetus for the many discussions that are yet to emerge.

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Keynote & Motivational

IanB has been engaging and inspiring audiences with his messages of Personal and Business Development for a number of years.

A Corporate CEO, Certified Business and Executive coach, Ian has an international perspective; as well the unique experience of working in different cultures and in a number of functional areas. This has enabled him to uncover a wealth of key strategies and techniques for building individuals, teams and organizations. He has a unique perspective gained from over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial exploits. Ian shares these coveted insights in his keynote and motivational engagements.

Ian's highly-valued, actionable and results oriented content along with his witty, commanding and engaging style has made him a favored keynote to both corporate, clubs and church audiences across the Caribbean.

Topic Areas:

  • Keys to a Success Mindset
  • Dare 2 Dream
  • The Awakening – Keys to Personal Growth & Development
  • Walking in Purpose
  • Building Healthy organizations


Caribbean National
Global Citizen

While Ian was born in Dominica, his life has taken him on a global journey of self-discovery. Ian’s experience has been wide and varied; he left a ravaged Dominica after hurricane David to attend school in Guadeloupe; from there he spent two and a half years living and working in the Arab Republic of Yemen before his career of developing products and services in Silicon Valley. Ian then led Cable & Wireless Grenada through a telecommunications restoration after Hurricane Ivan. All this experience has given him Caribbean roots and a global perspective.

His belief in what people can achieve with raw passion and determination has forever been kindled. His passion to find and develop that ability and potential which lies deep within each person is his purpose for being. Therefore; he is committed to Finding that STAR within each one he meets.

IanB’s goal is creating Caribbean Abundance through Leadership & Business re-education.